Something of a mix between Columns and Bejeweled in an ancient Egypt setting- Jewel lust is a gem among the Android library- forgive that pun. The gameplay is simplistic, but addictive. You swap various, vibrantly animated gems in order to make similar ones burst. It’s not too innovative, but at you’re getting a very fun puzzle game. The music can get annoying during long sessions but that’s only minor.

Games are highly popular on tablets as well as it has the gravity sensor, also known as G-sensor. All you must do it to tilt the screen from left to right to move the object in screen or use the touch system from your finger. The high-tech gaming experience can make a user get addicted to this tablet. Moreover, tablet can also serve as digital photo album where you can easily rotate your picture, zoom them or play them in a Super Game slideshow.

I have to say that this is one of the best free games that I have played on the Android phones. This uses your real map and you try to gain another people’s land. It is like the game Risk only on a real map with real cities and Gaps. However, it does kill your battery because your GPS will be running all the time and the game is run on real time. Nonetheless, this is a great game that you should have on your phone and it’s free.

The mini transactions are common in a free game. Players can pay extra money to buy new craft, but many android games make the same mistake. All the items should be available within the game. If the makers insist on micro transactions, they should affect game play as little as possible.

This is a great game for the Android and it really passes the time when you have nothing to do. It isn’t a very complex game, but it is very good. What you do is you mine for minerals with your character and you level up the more you mine. As you gain levels you can get more maps and better digging abilities. This is a great game that works great with the Android operating system. A must have on your phone.

Drag racing game is different from conventional racing games. It is an interesting game between two cars in a straight track. The fastest car among the two wins the game. This game has a wide selection of cars available. The multiplayer option allows you to play with your friends online. By winning the races you can obtain points. You don’t need to steer the car in drag racing. Your performance in this game depends upon timely gear shifts. The game play is easy and simple. Using the points, you can buy new cars or upgrade your cars. Drag racing is a highly interesting racing game.

This all-time beloved football sport by EA Sports activities is now out there on Android, and it can be a marvel to look at. The controls are a bit challenging (with the on-screen buttons along with the accelerometer), however the realism in the recreation is brain boggling. Whenever you are enjoying with true people on genuine teams from important leagues, there exists quite tiny to complain about.

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